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12 Reasons Why Book Reviews Are Important

If you are a reader, then you’ve probably used book reviews.  Whether it’s word of mouth, blogs or review sites like goodreads.com or Amazon this honest feedback is the readers ticket to a sure-thing-read.  So why are these reviews important and more importantly, why should YOU write reviews?   Friends don’t let friends read bad […]

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Writing Tip: Seek and Destroy “that” and other words to erase forever.

In the land of eternal snow, it’s almost spring here and with spring comes gardening.  There is something very therapeutic about gardening and especially weeding.  Weeding you don’t have to be delicate.  You can rip, tear, and pull those suckers out of wherever you are working.   We should feel the same about certain words […]

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Call For Submissions: LIFE LESSONS LEARNED

A writer friend of mine has come up with a brilliant idea and has invite us (the writing community) to create a collection of LIFE LESSONS LEARNED. Deadline: May 31, 2013 Submit to: kimdetamore@hotmail.com with subject line: “Life Wisdom to Share” Here are the details: I am in the process of soliciting submissions from people […]

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The Truth About being a Newbie Writer and What You can do About It

Hall of Fame #3 – The Script featuring Will.i.Am **Music Inspiration** I have always loved to read and I wrote story’s as a kid but I never pursued it as a passion because I am a very practical person by nature. I just couldn’t see making a living by writing. I like creating stories but […]

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No Fee Writing Contests

 No Fee Writing contests recommend reading: Amazon.com Widgets  No Fee Writing Contests **FREE Entry Fee MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, September 23, we will accept the first one hundred eligible entries submitted for the contest, each containing up to the FIRST FIFTY WORDS of the entrant’s romance manuscript. Horatio Nelson […]

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Writing Tips: Story Worth Telling Writers Workshop with Yiyun Li

I’m contrary by nature and believe when it comes to rules, there are shades of gray. However, if you are going to break rules you should understand them so you can justify your actions. That being said, there are varying expert opinions on writing rules and techniques so I am always interested in reading about […]

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Reality vs. Perception “25 hard Truths about Writing and Publishing”

I was directed to this writer’s (Chuck Wendig) blog post by one of my favorite author’s. I can’t speak to the reality of these but I can say, his dose of tough love is tempered by his naughty language and sense of humor. It was worth reading just for the laugh.  I imagine this would […]

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