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Does a Beta Reader Add Value to Your Writing?

Music Inspiration: “HATE ON ME” by Jill Scott  Since I’ve started offering my Beta Reading skills for my 100 Books in 100 Days Challenge I’ve had  varying opinions and some hostility.  Granted, some of the hostility comes from people thinking I’m trying to sell something or accuse me of SPAMMING.  (I’m not sure how I […]

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The Truth About being a Newbie Writer and What You can do About It

Hall of Fame #3 – The Script featuring Will.i.Am **Music Inspiration** I have always loved to read and I wrote story’s as a kid but I never pursued it as a passion because I am a very practical person by nature. I just couldn’t see making a living by writing. I like creating stories but […]

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How to Beat the Slush Pile – ATTENTION: Newbie Writers

It has been beaten into our brain how important a query letter is when you are trying to pimp your novel out but how much emphasis have you read about writing a cover letter when submitting a story to a magazine? The few things I have read indicate the cover letter should be brief, to […]

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