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Showing Not Telling Emotion

How many times have you heard “show not tell?”  If you are like me, that phrase has become a fuzzy noise in the background you choose to ignore. I can tell a good story. It is something that comes to me naturally.  I grew up sitting around the fireplace telling stories with my family and […]

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Writing Tip: Seek and Destroy “that” and other words to erase forever.

In the land of eternal snow, it’s almost spring here and with spring comes gardening.  There is something very therapeutic about gardening and especially weeding.  Weeding you don’t have to be delicate.  You can rip, tear, and pull those suckers out of wherever you are working.   We should feel the same about certain words […]

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Writing Tips: Story Worth Telling Writers Workshop with Yiyun Li

I’m contrary by nature and believe when it comes to rules, there are shades of gray. However, if you are going to break rules you should understand them so you can justify your actions. That being said, there are varying expert opinions on writing rules and techniques so I am always interested in reading about […]

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How To Interpret Your Rejection Letters – Timely Article for Today’s News

Last week I sent out four query letters.  I had three prompt “pass” and one request to read the first 30 pages. I knew I shouldn’t get excited but I quietly did a little happy dance in celebration that my query produced a 25% result. (Not bad.) I quickly put together my first 30 pages, […]

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