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Review: The Scroll of Life by Joshua P. Townley

The Scroll of Life
The Scroll of Life by Joshua P. Townley

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“Middle Grade is rad!” says the 40-something woman next to me at the library.

Sharing your reading preference is like getting a glimpse of someone’s underpants. You don’t really want to know but if it’s right there in front of you, you can’t help but look.

We are all kindred spirits at the library. 🙂

As an adult, I haven’t thought much about Middle Grade except HARRY POTTER and those times when my nine year old let’s me pick books out with her. I knew they were fun but I just learned for myself how “rad!” they can be.

THE SCROLL OF LIFE is a Middle Grade Fantasy novel. It was a fun and fast paced read. For me, it felt like Harry Potter with a Lord of the Rings quest with the lovability of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. (Don’t judge me too much on this description since I just reacquainted myself with this genre.)

The author did a beautiful job of introducing me to this magical world and I couldn’t help but falling in love with the two main character brother’s Pike and Archer. It had all of the elements you want to see in a fantasy read as an adult but I could see myself reading this to my kids as well AND maybe some day taking them to the movie. It really is that good!

The book is called THE SCROLL OF LIFE. His name is Josh Townley and if you have the opportunity to read his work, you should!

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