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Recent Indie Reads ** I’m using movie ratings (PG – NC17) with content information: L – foul language, S – explicit sex, V – violence (extreme situations like rape)

I love reading Indie author’s. First, because I feel like I’m discovering someone new. Second, because their books are cheap to free and they feed my book habit nicely. Third, because I feel like I’m supporting someone like myself; a writer trying to navigate the literary water’s. So, when I wanted to see what was out there in the New Adult world of books, I downloaded these lovelies to read, share, and give my two bits about.

“RULE” by Jay Crownover – This edgy love story was a diamond in the rough. Although, I would emphasize rough draft since it had quite a few blatant spelling and grammar errors. I really like Rule as a flawed, bad-boy-hero and the author did a really nice job of making him feel real. The story flowed well and had good tension but I kept thinking why would a beautiful, rich, high-school girl be an outcast. Please note my rating because it does have some very explicit sex and it was very educational about body modification and tattoos. I’m glad I had my kindle to look-up a few things I had never heard before.

“HOPELESS” by Colleen Hoover – Dark story and sweet love story. Great story telling especially given the dark nature of the story. Honestly, if I would have known that the book contained passages about child abuse I wouldn’t have downloaded it. That being said, its a great story, well told, that braids difficult subject matter with a sweet love story.

“REASON TO BREATH” by Rebecca Donovan – First of three in the series (I think). Lots of tension and great character development. I really liked the characters but I was a little confused why they were together. Usually there is some give and take in relationships but the main character, Emma, just seems like a liability. Don’t get me wrong, she is utterly loveable but a black hole from a relationship standpoint. I kept thinking this a very dark Cinderella story.

“ROCKED UNDER” by Cora Hawks – For me this felt very predictable but sometimes I like predictable reads, only because I can just enjoy the ride knowing how it all ends. There were grammar and spelling errors and at times it felt choppy, like the writer put in scenes and content that felt random and took away from the tension and flow. I have a soft spot for bad-boy-rocker-guys that are on the verge of being good so, if you want a fast, easy read, this one is worth checking out.

NC17 – L, S                  PG13 – V                  PG13 – L, V                     R – L, S

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