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My Writing

"Missing Gene" by Angela D'Ambrosio

“Missing Gene” by Angela D’Ambrosio

IDAHO MAGAZINE - September 2013

IDAHO MAGAZINE – September 2013


“Missing Gene” by Angela D’Ambrosio

September 2013 issue

IDAHO Magazine




Go Read Your Lunch

Go Read Your Lunch


“An Unholy Itch” by Angela D’Ambrosio

Published July 2013

Go Read Your Lunch




Coming Soon!


IMG_0092Through social media, D’Ambrosio’s window to the world, the author takes readers on a hilarious and sometimes poignant journey through the life of a former executive, now a wife and stay at home mother of 3 young children. She realized in the confines of her Sun Valley Idaho home, that the spontaneous quips through her blog and Facebook about her observations on, kids, life, love and marriage – were being shared among friends and strangers alike. Angela takes refuge with her writing as a window to the adult world and an entertaining, yet cathartic way to storytelling daily life. Through this sprang her epistolary novel, “Big Girl Panties.”

Angela was the classic overachiever climbing the corporate ladder until a near death experience throws her into the overworked yet mind numbing daily life of a stay at home mom. D’Ambrosio uses real-life, stranger-than-fiction motherhood moments to share witty insights and touching moments.

She shares and sometimes over-shares.

Her story’s provide comfort to those that can relate and entertainment for those who can’t. Each post is a story unto itself and the compilation of them all is a testament of a five year story still in progress.

“Unbelievably vivid imagination, which she thoughtfully and wittily captures through her gift of writing.  Angela’s spirited writings are also a reflection of her character; a person of great humanity, humor and candor and a master of observation.”

“I love your writing! I have to say 99% of the personal stories I read on FB are a total snooze. To the contrary – I love every one of your posts. The way you set up a story, give it body and then bring it to a close – wonderful.”




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