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Book Review: Hold on Tight by Serena Bell

Hold on Tight
Hold on Tight by Serena Bell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4+ STARS! Read this in a single evening!

This book pulls you in, makes you really care for the character and then it tells the story.

Summer before starting college Mira wants to rebel. She wants to go to art school but her father has other plans for her. She will capitulate to her father’s will but first she will do something for herself, something that her father wouldn’t approve but will never have to know about.

Jake Taylor.

Jake is an Army Ranger on leave, preparing to go to war in Afghanistan. He is not looking for a girl and he is definitely not interested in love. He is a soldier. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The sultry nights of Summer casts a spell over these two characters and after a couple weeks of sneaking away together, they give into their passion.

It’s clear they both felt something for each other but they new it was just a summer fling. Jake leaves for war but leaves a little something extra behind that forever changes Mira’s life.

The character development in this is amazing and the writing is so good, I want to devour it up like my favorite ice-cream. For me, the tension dissipated once I got a glimpse of their Happily Ever After. BUT, the tension was so high through most of the book, I just coasted on through to the finish.

Highly recommended and one to put on your Summer reading TBR.

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