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12 Reasons Why Book Reviews Are Important

MUPPET-CRITICSIf you are a reader, then you’ve probably used book reviews.  Whether it’s word of mouth, blogs or review sites like goodreads.com or Amazon this honest feedback is the readers ticket to a sure-thing-read.  So why are these reviews important and more importantly, why should YOU write reviews?  

  1. Friends don’t let friends read bad books. Writing and sharing book reviews is a community service to all of your reading buddies. Everyone wants to know about the next best book and NO ONE wants to waste their time with a terrible one. Help a book brother and sister out and write that review!
  2. Aspiring authors should write reviews. Read, Read, Read, says Stephen King.  I agree!  But let’s take a step further, lets read critically, and figure out what makes the book great or terrible and write thoughtful reviews.  Your writing will benefit from this process and so will author. Win. Win.
  3. Don’t be a review troll!  If the book isn’t good enough to give it a 3 star rating stop reading it. Mark it as DNF (Did Not Finish) and give an explanation. Negative reviews are important and they should be written especially if it the book was poorly edited. HOWEVER. Most bad reads just come down to personal preference, not bad books. Writing unfounded nasty reviews hurts the author’s livelihood (They are people too!) and makes the reviewer look like a tool.
  4. Writing and sharing a book review is a benefit for the writing and reading community.  You help like-minded readers discover a great book and you help the author by providing valuable feedback.
  5. Over 85% of all Amazon Kindle readers rely heavily on book reviews before making an online order to have the copy of the book. A good book review helps other readers determine if the book is for them.
  6. An articulate review points out other aspects of the book that the marketing blurb might not have.
  7. One review begets another.  It’s a snowball effect.
  8. Positive ranking plays into the booksellers algorithm.  More sales, more review, equals higher ranking and exposure to more book buyers.
  9. Read the book, wrote the review, but have you “liked” similar reviews to yours?  You should.  Clicking that like button gives like-minded reviewers more influence on the books they review and boosts that particular review up the list of reviews.
  10. Also, part of the algorithm is the “If you liked this, then you might like that” book recommendation.  This is particularly helpful for the debut novel or authors with a smaller following.  Example:  If you “like” GAME OF THRONES, you might try this smaller publication book.
  11. More reviews get authors exposure to other book review sites, blogging communities, and book clubs.
  12. Bottom line: More reviews equal more sales for authors and more informed readers. It doesn’t take much to write a few lines about a book you read and even less time to “like” a review.

You can leave reviews on amazon and Goodreads without verification of purchase.  This is important for those of us who check-out books at the library or book swap with friends.  Leaving reviews or liking a review doesn’t cost you anything and it makes a huge difference to the reading and writing community.


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